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Bible Study - 12:00pm and 7:00pm

The Solemn Covenant

The ministry of Christ’s Church is a ministry of the entire church, clergy, and lay persons together.  Each has a part to play in serving the world and reconciling it to God.  In order that this ministry might be more effective, God calls all people to serve Him full-time, and He gives some special responsibilities for leadership.

We, the members of Trinity Baptist Church of Florence, South Carolina, believing we are in accord with God’s will, have called the Reverend Doctor Calvin E. Robinson, Jr., to be our pastor, teacher, preacher, and leader.  Therefore, we publicly affirm our entrance with him into a covenant of mutual support for the work of Christ in the world.

We promise that we will care for his material needs, sustain him with our prayers, and encourage him with enthusiastic labor in all tasks God gives to us.  He has come to this church to be a ready and willing worker in the cause of Christ among us, the people of God.

Therefore, together we are united today as Pastor and People in the ministry of this church.  We pray that God will bless this union with His presence, leading each one by His mercy into all truth and grace and peace.